Sunday, 1 February 2009

Mock ups

These are all mock ups nothing final..

So this is the first trial I did with the clay, it didn't work very well because the clay was too heavy to hold up.

So i tried doing half a mouth and placed the platform in between the gap. I made the platform shaped so it has some kind of perspective to exagerate the length.

This is mouth is similar to what i did in the first workshop. This one holds up better, and theres more illusion of depth in the mouth. I might work on this one more

The only thing i'm kind of stuck on now is the text, "could you come tomorrow?" i was thinking of having the text come down the platform, but thats just an idea. How to do the text is another thing im not sure about. I also had the idea of them train destination monitor things u get on platforms. So the text would be digital and maybe read somthing like "sale" and the time it arrives is "tomorrow" but i don't know if im putting too much of levi's part into mine cos i know he's dealing with the sale part. Any ideas of how i could do the "could you come tomorrow?" part?

This is something i tried with leftover clay. It would be hard to bring in though. I'm more keen on adding text on the platform though.


  1. Hey Dalaila, absolutely loving the mouth and the tracks and the platform. AMAZING.

    I do like the idea of using a train platform monitor to frame the words 'could you come back tomorrow?' or perhaps we could write on small balloons and have them floating out of the mouth, just so the base of the image Isn't so visually heavy and we can 'float' some things mid height. But all of this we will discuss tomorrow, if the mouth is too delicate, then don't bring it in till we need it.

    We can work from a picture of it, but dimensions would be good so we can scale it all together.

    :D Joe

  2. You LOVE your baloons! I was thinking of how to get the monitor floating over the platform but I couldn't come up with anything. I like the floating idea, it gives the mouth a voice. Do we want the platform to be talking or can it be the mouth? or maybe the mouth is the platforms mouth, ANYWAY we'll all discuss tomorrow, I think i just confused everyone lol