Thursday, 5 February 2009

Out comes...

So here are a few shots form the photo shoot, setting up & also some editing of the photographs in photoshop. Most of our group have copies of jpegs from the shoot, and it would be interesting to see their own authored / manipulated images for the final piece.

It would be very exciting if all five of us were to create our individual outcomes from the shoot. Using photoshop or any other methods to manipulate the photographs taken. 

This would see the project flow in full circle, from the start of the narrative, employed with the game 'exquisite corpse'. Where all our individual sentences where forged together to make a narrative. The same can be done with the out come, in this case through the photographs. Each member of the group could now go away and edit the format in which these two subjects operate with each other.

It would be a collaborative experiment to conclude this project.

This process of meeting up and composing an image as a group, & then having copies of the image to work upon individually, can be repeated indefinitely to produce new ideas and a wider range of personal outcomes.

The idea of working together and separately to coax the design process along has worked well, and we have all contributed to a unique image. This would only be bettered by taking this idea further & to perhaps exhaust this multi authored image in a new direction.


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  1. thanks joe for putting some up, and on ur flckr!