Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Test Shoot

Me and Dalaila met today and set up our makes for our narrative. We took some photos to show you what the set up is like so when we do the shoot, we'll hit the ground running. (hopefully)

The desk area space for the shoot is approx. 90cm, we shot on both black and white back drops, Which one do you like more? 

It was quite delicate setting up the props and a lot of blue-tack was used. I was thinking of getting some fishing wire to 'float' objects, if any one else is interested? Just because most the action is centered in the middle ground strip.

Would be nice to play around with some perspective with he shoot as well. 

The photo shoot is booked now for Thursday 5th from 4 till 6.


  1. pitures came out nice! I see what you mean now about the shadow on the white back, it works better than the black, i think. It makes your colours come out more as well. But watever everyone else prefers i don't mind using but I say white =) The top photo reminds me of a similar set up i've seen before but I can't put my finger on it, maybe an advert or an art piece? or isit just me? I can't remember

  2. Hey guys, i think you both did a really great job. I agree on the white back ground, it brings out the colours in both pieces. Hopefully mine fits in to it. lol

  3. Oh it will sherri!! but maybe work with the scale of the train driver for the different parts of the narrative? like for dimension you could have like 5 of him spinning on top of each other? maybe? haha