Monday, 2 February 2009

Idea development (rough sketch)

This idea is really rough. I thought about adding the broken tracks coming out of the mouth but also having the text sitting on the wires. I still wanted to have the monitor so I was thinking of having the sentence split so the first part is on the monitor and the rest within the "derailed tracks". Any ideas on where I could place or somehow hang the monitor? i was thinking to place it above the mouth reading "Could you", with the wires then reading "come tomorrow?" on the left and right. What do you guys think? Does it sound or look too monstrous? lol


  1. I just realised "CAN you come back tomorrow"

  2. we can try to suspend it with fishing wire from the ceiling, and I have little picture clips that hold up photos. I like the idea of using both ways of communicating the sentence. (the tracks & monitor) perhaps photo-shop the words you want on the monitor image you want to use. and print it on card and we can make a stand for it or suspend it. we can fix it up at the shoot though!