Saturday, 31 January 2009

Progress not perfection

This is what I'm currently working on / playing around with for my particular part of the narrative. (some one went out to blow his mind) suggestions comments praise and criticism, all welcome guys.
From the original photo of the set up 'props' i've used to construct my scene, i then decided to mess around with the illusion of depth within photoshop, Just to vary my results and outcome.

Just messing around with shapes and paper construction to design a way of the subject 'blowing his mind' 

We determined due to the narrative he kills him self, but I want to incorporate elements of him blowing his mind on narcotics in order to kill himself. With the intent to actually blow his mind with a gun. I think the folded over zig zag effects with the paper, prove to be interesting results coming out of the subjects head/mind. 

But still needs some more thought in to how to best show this action.


  1. Joe i like the way you have used the images, different shapes and perspective. To exaggerate you're part of the narrative. I also love the way brought it to life using photoshop. Loving the bold colours!

  2. I really like the springy zig zag paper effect you've done, I use to make a lot of them when I was little! Feels playful together with the fridge magnets, shapes and bold colours, it works well. Also having the images in grey has a nice contrast against all the other colours. Good use of scaling as well, theres a lot happening around the word "blow", but its nice that the word is still clear and easily readable.. nice one joe!