Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A new 'tomorrow'

I tried doing my tomorrow with black wire to see how it came out but it didn't work any better because it was thinner. I tried other things like putting white and black paper behind the wire. For the shoot i'm just going to have to see how it comes out from a distance. Any ideas on what i could do or use so the words are more visible?


  1. Like your title! Looks much cleaner the words in wire, maybe we could try a little spotlight on that particular part of the set up just so it stands out more. or if we have a white background then perhaps a little black card behind the wire with the spot light. But I'm sure we will all come up with a cunning plan to make it work! nice photos too.

    //JSPH (hahaa)

  2. Hey Dalaila, You done a great job. I think the black wire on the white card stands out much better and Joe that spot light idea could work really well with it.