Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Back ground?

Was just thinking about the back ground and if we should use any thing to back drop some stuff in like hills or trees or buildings etc? Just wanting your thoughts on the idea, I might print some buildings off and buy some green card for hills, maybe.
Here is a rough sketch...


  1. yay that looks cool, how do we relate it to our narrative though? we can try it if it doesn't work at least it shows we've tried different things.

    I fixed up my 'tomorrow', its more readable, i placed it behind white paper, i'll post it up in a bit.

  2. ah cool, I wouldn't worry about the narrative, i think its more about the final out come. but perhaps we could use ribbon in different colours to flow between the scenes? have you got any ribbon or those bendy glitter straws?


  3. Sorry for the late reply! I don't think I have any ribbon I'll have a dig around my house. If anything we could buy it from the shop later.

    But I think the ribbon or glitter straws would work well to connect everyones pieces together so each one has something in common. lol like we did when we sprinkled the shedded colour paper on tuesday!