Friday, 6 February 2009

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Simple outcome

Here's my final outcome. The quality isn't great because i don't have a raw copy of the photos I could only work from copying, pasting and screen printing. Originally I tried the idea of using movie strips because there was so much white space on top and underneath the image. I'm not sure whether it works well, what do you guys think? The quality of my images are poor i know, but I still put something together so you get an idea. I really like that it's all joined together horizontally and ordered chronologically. It's like our man's weaving through the story.

Out comes...

So here are a few shots form the photo shoot, setting up & also some editing of the photographs in photoshop. Most of our group have copies of jpegs from the shoot, and it would be interesting to see their own authored / manipulated images for the final piece.

It would be very exciting if all five of us were to create our individual outcomes from the shoot. Using photoshop or any other methods to manipulate the photographs taken. 

This would see the project flow in full circle, from the start of the narrative, employed with the game 'exquisite corpse'. Where all our individual sentences where forged together to make a narrative. The same can be done with the out come, in this case through the photographs. Each member of the group could now go away and edit the format in which these two subjects operate with each other.

It would be a collaborative experiment to conclude this project.

This process of meeting up and composing an image as a group, & then having copies of the image to work upon individually, can be repeated indefinitely to produce new ideas and a wider range of personal outcomes.

The idea of working together and separately to coax the design process along has worked well, and we have all contributed to a unique image. This would only be bettered by taking this idea further & to perhaps exhaust this multi authored image in a new direction.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rough idea for tomorrow

Here's some pictures to get a rough idea of my piece for tomorrow's shoot.

This is the tomorrow with white paper behind it, the text comes out clearer but this is at a close distance.

Here's a rough image of the final thing (without any backing on the text) in my homemade studio

ID card & Train Driver together

Playing around with the placement of the ID card and the Train driver.

In this image i was looking at how the ID card would look placed on the floor next to the driver.

I then began looking at how it would look hanged next to him. Playing around with hight and perspective.Again playing around with the ID card. Seeing how the card would look hanged in front of him.

Progression of the Train Driver

Well after i had made the train driver. I then began to think about what could be added. I came up with an Id card. Where his name could be placed on, to represent him as a person and what he does for a living. In our group discussion we came up with the name "Thomas Anderson".

I developed this idea by using photo shop to create the ID card. After printing it out, i placed it on card and then using a clear tape. I just went over it, to give it that shine. I then cut it all out and put it in a ID card holder.

Heres a mock up of some back ground material I intend to use just so you can see how it might look or if u wana include it in your composition?


A new 'tomorrow'

I tried doing my tomorrow with black wire to see how it came out but it didn't work any better because it was thinner. I tried other things like putting white and black paper behind the wire. For the shoot i'm just going to have to see how it comes out from a distance. Any ideas on what i could do or use so the words are more visible?

Little link

Found this picture on a blog you might wana have a look at? Think the shadows on the letters & objects look really nice. Just thought I'd mention, as I'm slowly becoming addicted to this blogging thing!

Art Director Fred Butler is a props stylist and accessories designer based in London. She works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one-off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of a shoot.

TFL Job cuts

Just found this and thought it related to our poor train driver. whole article here:,000/

White-collar jobs go as TfL axes up to 2,000
Dick Murray, Transport Editor

UP to 2,000 jobs are to be axed at Transport for London because of the credit crunch.

The transport body's 27,000 staff have been warned of a "significant reduction in jobs" over the next 18 months in an attempt to save £2.4billion and to make TfL a "leaner, fitter and more focused organisation".

The first job losses will be announced in January and most will be white-collar workers. Cut-backs are expected first in the marketing and communications, finance, business support and legal departments.

Union leaders today sought urgent talks with management and demanded to know exactly how many jobs would go. Gerry Doherty, general secretary of the TSSA transport union, which has many white-collar and managerial members, said: "This is going to be a very worrying Christmas for a great many people who won't know if they have a job next year."

He said the losses were "very bad news for Londoners who have already lost thousands of jobs in the current recession".

Although TfL stressed that "much of the job losses would come through not filling vacancies" any hint of compulsory redundancies will be met with fierce opposition from the unions.

The move follows Mayor Boris Johnson's pledge for a more cost-effective organisation after he discovered that there were more than 100 people in the press and communications section. An internal bulletin from Peter Hendy, TfL commissioner, to all staff, seen by the Evening Standard, states: "I will, with the chief officers, be making a number of changes to TfL's structure.

"While the proposed changes will result in a significant reduction in jobs within TfL these will be managed as much as possible through removal of vacant roles and transfer of existing employees into roles currently filled by non-permanent labour."

Mr Hendy said the "first stage" of the changes would begin next month and be completed by April. "It will be followed by a series of wider changes, the majority of which will take place over the next 12-18 months," adding: "This is the start of a long journey"

A senior TfL source told the Standard; "We are talking about a lot of jobs, with a figure of 2,000 being mentioned."

Back ground?

Was just thinking about the back ground and if we should use any thing to back drop some stuff in like hills or trees or buildings etc? Just wanting your thoughts on the idea, I might print some buildings off and buy some green card for hills, maybe.
Here is a rough sketch...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Test Shoot

Me and Dalaila met today and set up our makes for our narrative. We took some photos to show you what the set up is like so when we do the shoot, we'll hit the ground running. (hopefully)

The desk area space for the shoot is approx. 90cm, we shot on both black and white back drops, Which one do you like more? 

It was quite delicate setting up the props and a lot of blue-tack was used. I was thinking of getting some fishing wire to 'float' objects, if any one else is interested? Just because most the action is centered in the middle ground strip.

Would be nice to play around with some perspective with he shoot as well. 

The photo shoot is booked now for Thursday 5th from 4 till 6.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Preview tickets part 2

Here is the second preview. 

P2020055 P2020062 P2020065 P2020076

Preview tickets. part 1

For the final piece i am tasked with creating a 3dimensional visual representation of the sale/ticket to another dimension portion of the story.

without clarifying and explanations, they will come in a later post today, here are a few work in progress shots. 
P2010006P2010001 P2010016


Idea development (rough sketch)

This idea is really rough. I thought about adding the broken tracks coming out of the mouth but also having the text sitting on the wires. I still wanted to have the monitor so I was thinking of having the sentence split so the first part is on the monitor and the rest within the "derailed tracks". Any ideas on where I could place or somehow hang the monitor? i was thinking to place it above the mouth reading "Could you", with the wires then reading "come tomorrow?" on the left and right. What do you guys think? Does it sound or look too monstrous? lol

Snow Way...

Today is the day are group is to meet, or not to meet as the snow dictates. This will be a test on virtual conferencing and adapting to impersonal internet talking! so hopefully this blog will come in handy for showing sharing and feedback on how this photo shoot will work tomorrow! I'm expecting input from everyone, no exceptions!

Also I found some old pics that might help Dalaila with how to construct/display her narrative - 'can you come back tomorrow.' I like the idea of it being displayed on a train times monitor, hope the pictures jog some creativity!


Sunday, 1 February 2009

Work In Progress

From my part of the narrative, i have to create the "train driver".
This is a work in progress and i' am going to be working on it further. 

First i found an image of a train driver and then cut him out and stuck him on card. Very basic.

Next i thought about how i could focus on just the head of the train driver. So i came up with, making it 3D. I done this by using a slightly larger head and placing it on top of the body. Extending the sides so it could stand out. 

Mock ups

These are all mock ups nothing final..

So this is the first trial I did with the clay, it didn't work very well because the clay was too heavy to hold up.

So i tried doing half a mouth and placed the platform in between the gap. I made the platform shaped so it has some kind of perspective to exagerate the length.

This is mouth is similar to what i did in the first workshop. This one holds up better, and theres more illusion of depth in the mouth. I might work on this one more

The only thing i'm kind of stuck on now is the text, "could you come tomorrow?" i was thinking of having the text come down the platform, but thats just an idea. How to do the text is another thing im not sure about. I also had the idea of them train destination monitor things u get on platforms. So the text would be digital and maybe read somthing like "sale" and the time it arrives is "tomorrow" but i don't know if im putting too much of levi's part into mine cos i know he's dealing with the sale part. Any ideas of how i could do the "could you come tomorrow?" part?

This is something i tried with leftover clay. It would be hard to bring in though. I'm more keen on adding text on the platform though.