Sunday, 25 January 2009

During our first class with Jimmy & Joe, the class participated in a written game of 'exquisite corpse' in which we all randomly created a loose narrative. The foundation for our on going classes.

This is what was manifested...

(Once upon a time in 1969 someone went out to blow his mind the gap at the platform said 'can you come back tomorrow?') He answered not knowing if he truly wanted the plant pot placed there isn't much time before he jumped into a large small bigger wide screen, my monkey was injured and then they decided to play some board game, therefore the Saxons started nagging all over to be, or not to be is the question.... So you should listen and take this information in a small box singing along to all peepol who stink, av a BATH! So I went to visit my mother in the zoo. As I looked back, I suddenly notice a flying elephant! Running towards us, Run!!! Run!!! Then they came to a dark alley and there was a man standing right at the bottom.

* Purple section within brackets - our groups sentence to work from.

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