Saturday, 31 January 2009

Session two: Storyboard


Our story board from second session.

During our second session with Joe & Jimmy. We were asked to discuss our chosen sentence within our group. Then we had to write a 250 word description of what our sentence meant in a short but considered synopsis. Thinking of ways to elaborate some parts and how to loose others. In doing this we also had to discuss what the story meant  and how we could develop it in a coherent narrative. Thinking typographically.

Joe & Jimmy then asked us to choose from our sentence, one word that we'd want to keep and one word we'd want to loose. Those words were then replaced with "sale" and "dimension". This thus forced us to edit our story so the two new words made sense within what we already wrote. We then were told we had to take what we discussed and turn it into a story board.
The resulting image is shown above. We developed, through thoughts and discussion as well as trial and error, four main aspects to the story which we have visually represented in each corner. At the centre we have our main character to which the story evolves around.  The four aspects are in chronological order are as follows:
1.The failure and sadness of loosing ones job and the thoughts and  desires of ones mind as a response to the overwhelming impact of our characters’ job loss.
2. The scene in which the platform speaks to him literally and instructs him to come back the next day for there is another way less or arguably more drastic than taking one’s own life.
3. The platform promises an alternative action which is to purchase a ticket.

3. That ticket is to another dimension. Another dimension where our troubled character can leave this life behind and live anew, fresh and without troubles.
This clear grouping of the story’s main aspects allows us to move on to the third step in this project which is to create a three-dimensional piece. As a group we can work on the four aspects of the story by splitting the work load amongst the group.

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